Hi 🙂

We are drowning in a sea of amazing content. There is SO much good stuff out there these days! I try to consume as much as I can, but there is only so many hours in the day. And I have other responsibilities; I have 3 little mouths to feed.

My goal with this site is to provide briefs of the most interesting stuff. As I explore the universe of knowledge, I will leave breadcrumbs to capture my journey and share it so that you can benefit from my learnings as well. Hopefully, you’ll learn and discover new things yourself. Sometimes the nugget I provide will be enough, sometimes it’ll be worth it to check out the content directly yourself to go a deeper into it.

I’ll be honest, I hope to gain enough followers that I can devote all my time to consuming more and summarizing more; only highlighting the most interesting stuff (to my like-minded audience).

Once in a while, I may come up with my own brilliant insight, but don’t expect too much; I’m really not that brilliant. 🙂 I’ll mostly be summarizing.

Expect a diversity of topics as I have many interests. I am big on Personal Growth, Psychology, Parenthood, Business & Finance, Technology, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Sports, and Politics.

I subscribe to several paid content and services, so you’ll be getting glimpses into some premium content. As I said, there is some really good stuff out there, so join me on my journey. And Engage with me. I Love hearing all perspectives; my mind is open. I welcome new information that can influence my positions (strengthen or weaken my convictions).

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