Lit Video Books: Great Summer Idea for Kids

Kids started summer break this week. If we said nothing, they’d spend every hour of every day gaming. During the pandemic, I introduced “Papa School” to keep them learning.

Papa school activities are always a delicate balance of wanting them to learn, but not making them miserable.

I found this cool service called LIT Videobooks. They create 1-hr videos of popular non-fiction books. Fantastic quality productions done in collaboration with the authors.

This summer “Papa School” is at least 1-hr outside and “watching” a book a week. There will be a quick comprehension survey and a book discussion.

If they don’t finish the last week’s book, they lose gaming privileges until they catch up.

Truth be told, I think I’ll benefit from this service as well. There are several book here that are on my reading list.

I used to subscribe to Blinkist, which would summarize books into a 15-mins read. That is a great service/product, but sometimes they were a little too much to the point, lacking context/color to hammer the points home.

Audiobooks are great too, but often way too long (some are 8-10 hrs).

1-hr with audio and visual is a great balance. Even shorter if listened to at 1.25x or 1.5x speed.

Seems like it’s at a good price point too.

Even better when it’s 50% off, which you can get here: