Take that Vacation. Use your PTO

Take time off. Take that vacation.

Why do I always have to remind myself of this?

It’s in my nature to work. I’ve always enjoyed what I do.

I like to say: “I’m going to live to 120 and work ’til 118”

But living the everyday, one gets caught up in the hustle’n’bustle and there’s never a good time to “take off”.

Truth is, taking the time off needs to be part of the job. So many benefits like:

  1. Recharge batteries
  2. See your company/role from a different perspective (see the forest)
  3. Foster personal relationships (i.e. marriage)
  4. Meet new people
  5. Learn from other cultures/perspectives
  6. Try new experiences
  7. Discover new foods
  8. Make new memories (collect more stories)
  9. Time to think/reflect
  10. Appreciate what you miss from home

So, make sure to use that PTO.

You’re a better person for it.

It can enhance your overall performance.

FYI, I like to do things that accomplish multiple goals.

This post accomplishes 4 things (that’s a big win for a small post!):

  • Share a lesson/reminder that might be helpful to you.
  • Re-enforces this message within myself by writing these words.
  • Accomplishes James Altucher “10 ideas a day” exercise for today.
  • Gets me back into writing overall (I’ve been lagging lately). Tip: Writing is very good for you.

Happy Friday!