How To Simply Your Mindset to Increase Your Sales


I really like this formula that I was introduced to by Ryan Deiss, CEO at DigitalMarketer. I’m a big Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) fan. This really simplifies things and allows a business to create a growth strategy and measure the outcomes.

You can even department-alize this. Leads is Marketing. Customers is Sales. Margin is Operations. Frequency is Product.

Double one factor and that doubles your business, if all other factors stay the same. If each department increases their factor by 20%, that’s a double as well.

He goes on to further discuss a Customer Value Optimization system. Good stuff! I really lik the flow chart. 🙂

Hello world!

So I had this whole elaborate plan to build this site myself, but at the end of the day, with all the functionality that I wanted, it just would’ve taken forever. I kept putting off writing for lack of a canvas.

It got to the point where it was better to just get an MVP out. As they say, you should always be embarrassed about your first release.

I ended up using WordPress since it has a boatload of themes and plugins and online help. I was able to get things up and running relatively quickly.

Here are the other solutions I’ve got hooked up:

As I build thing out and discover new tools/solutions to use, I’ll write about it.

I don’t know where this journey will go, but I’m looking forward to it. If you can learn something as well, so much the better.