Artificial Womb Keeps Fetal Lambs Alive

This reminds me of the scene from The Matrix where the humans were grown in pods row upon row.

Lambs are used because, apparently, they develop similar to humans. However, they do develop faster. One of the challenges with human preemies would be dealing with the small size. In the study, the lambs were removed from their mothers at the equivalent of 23-24 week’s gestation for human fetuses.

Researchers say that this procedure could be tried on human preemies within 3-5 years.

Of course, this could be great where the baby is putting the mother’s life/health at risk. Who will be the first famous woman to leverage this innovation to preserve their million-dollar figure?

Could this affect the long-term psychology of the child? Losing the bond of developing within the mother’s womb?

See the full article here.

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