Found a Cool New Podcast About Brain Hacking

I am fascinated by the brain. I love genius movies like “Phenomenon”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Limitless”, etc. They are very inspirational.

As a society, we’re still in the early stages of learning about the brain. I grew up with the belief that you’re born with a limited set of brain cells and you can’t grow new ones, so everyone you drink alcohol or get hit in the head, you’re using up your supply. Society taught me this.

Well we’ve come to learn that you can grow new brain cells. And studies are ongoing around how we can accelerate neuroplasticity (create a real life NZT-48 effect).

Or perhaps Elon Musk is able to “Trancend” first with his venture to link the brain to AI.

Until any of this things happen, we have to make do with what we’ve got. Jim Kwik of KwikBrain had started a podcast in bite-sized chunks. I really like the 10-20 mins episode format. Each episode focused on a single topic.

Jim explains things really, really well. For example, I don’t know that I’ll ever forget the first 10 elements of the chemistry periodic table again thanks to his clever strategy.

I’m looking forward to following Jim and maintaining/I my brain.

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