Tech Merger Monday: Jive Acquired; AngiesList Acquired

Jive was acquired by private equity firm Aurea for ~$462M. I don’t know that Jive ever turned a profit. They went out with a bang ~5 yrs ago. They had a market cap of over $2B at one point.

I’m sure the founders and venture money did quite well. As well as the executive staff that took them public, who have long been gone since.

I almost went to work for Jive in 2011. I wonder if I would’ve cashed out at the right time and if I’d still be there had I taken the role…

Angie’s List was also acquired by IAC, who apparently had been pursuing them for a couple of years. Angie’s List will be merged with Home Advisors. The deal was valued at over $500M.

We were Angie’s List subscribers for a few years before ending our subscription last year or so. It’s not a bad service, but Yelp/Facebook/Google basically covers what it does for free.

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