The Internet is the Battleground for Perpetual Warfare

Norse has a really, really cool real-time visualization of cyber attacks. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch.

Most of the attacks stem from US and China, at least in the few minutes that I watched. What’s interesting is that you see big name corporations as the Attackers. I happened to notice A LOT of Microsoft Corporation. I have no idea what that means; I’m very from being any kind of security expert. I just noticed this and thought, “hmmm”.

I’m sure this is just a fraction of what goes on out there. Which makes this pretty scary. I’ve been in software a long time and I’ve never come across or heard of code that didn’t have bugs or couldn’t be hacked.

Add to that the fact that we have assigned some of the best and brightest to find all these holes (re: Wikileaks CIA hacking tools release and NSA leaked hacking tools).

And then of course I’m always reading about how fragile, old and outdated our infrastructure is. We’re so exposed. Is a nuclear threat really the biggest threat out there?

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