This Chrome Plug-In has Saved Me Hours

There is A LOT of content out there and A LOT of great content. How is one supposed to consume it all? One of the goals of this blog is to highlight only the best stuff so that you don’t have to.

Other times, you need to learn how to do something or learn about something and a great source is YouTube. Other times there are videos on a website but they can be lengthly or slow to get to the meat. Or they just talk slow.

I’ve been using this Chrome plugin: Video Speed Controller.

It is amazing. I can speed up the video up to 4x to quickly go through videos. When I need to pay attention, I’ll usually listen to it 1.5x. But I can whip through content much, much quicker with this plugin.

It only works for HTML5 video, but most videos are HTML5 these days.


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