We Can No Longer Trust Any Recorded Audio or Video

We’re in for some scary times. Who knows what or who you can trust.

Check these demos from Lyrebird. The first on there is a conversation between Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Lyrebird claims that they can take a 1-minute recording of someone’s voice and compress the voice DNA into a unique key. Then they can generate anything with its corresponding voice.

So, basically take any clip off YouTube for any celebrity and BOOM, you can create an instant celebrity endorsement for whatever.

The voices aren’t​ perfect…yet. I mean, the intonation of the Trump/Obama/Clinton voices sound robotic; but I can definitely say that it sounds like them. Obviously, the technology will only get better.

Now, couple that with this video technology and we’re in for some serious trouble as a society.

In the future, I believe everything will have to have an authentication key of some sort with every piece of media. In other words, people will come to not trust anything without this key. Without such a mechanism, the world will drown in “Fake Media” and these technologies will be used for evil.

This may be yet another application for the blockchain…

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