A poem about GRIT

by Kerry Hew (and ChatGPT).

Well, really it’s by ChatGPT, as directed by Kerry Hew. 😋

AI is blowing my mind right now. It’s getting scary good. We are about to take a radical turn.

Instructions: Write a poem about a positive outlook, and grit, after failure in the style of Dante.


In the depths of despair and failure’s woe,

We must hold fast to our faith and will,

And never give in to the world’s great blow.

For though our plans may falter, our dreams may fall,

We must rise up with grit and determination,

And face each challenge with a heart of gall.

For though the path ahead may seem uncertain,

Our positive outlook will guide us through,

And lead us to a brighter, better future.

So let us not despair in moments of defeat,

But embrace each challenge with steadfast resolve,

And rise up with the strength of our own two feet.

For in the end, it is not our failures that define us,

But the way we face them with courage and grace,

And strive towards success with a steadfast heart,

And an unbreakable spirit, filled with boundless hope.