Wim Hof Method – I’m a Believer!!

#WimHof … MIND BLOWN … I’m a believer!

I just did 30 chin-ups almost effortlessly (I usually struggle to 20).

Almost every day, I try to do 20 chin-ups. I usually struggle to get to that 20. But today, I tried Wim Hof’s breathing method first, then went to do my chin-ups while holding my breathe. 30 … easily!!!

I only stopped because I ran out of breathe. HOLY COW!

(Wim usually has people do pushups, but I had no recent personal benchmark)

Over the break, I heard about Wim Hof. I was fascinated. I’m really interested in anything that uses the human mind to accomplish great feats.

I’m always weary of these method’s pushed by “gurus”. Then I heard about Scott Carney’s book about Wim Hof. Scott is an investigative journalist and he was a skeptic turned believer. That convinced me that I had to look into this myself.

Between Wim Hof and Scott Carney, there is a lot of videos and podcasts with them and I consumed many. Fascinating stuff!

So this morning’s experience was amazing! I was so excited, I then went to take a cold shower. 2 minutes. It was easy as well. In fact, towards the end and getting out — usually when the cold winter air hits your skin — my body actually felt WARM!

The mind is a beautiful thing. YouTube it. Try it!!!