I Joined The Power MBA Program

I don’t have an MBA. It’s something I always contemplated pursuing, but never did because of time/cost.

I’ve always believed that most of the value of the MBA is not really the education, but the network you build.

A strong, influential network is invaluable.
There is value in exclusivity; that’s the current MBA model.

That said, a Harvard or Stanford or other “prestigious” MBA is probably worth every penny and more. But the hundreds of others? I don’t know if the ROI is there.

Then I found ThePowerMBA
Interesting model.

At under $1K, I signed up.

It presents an interesting risk:reward opportunity.

It provides a structured, organized, biteable micro-lessons.
I’m going to assume the educational material is good, based on reviews, so I’m okay to invest a few dollars in that.

The upside is the network. It doesn’t present the exclusivity value, but it does have the potential for scale. And early indications are that they are trying to engage the community/network a lot.

My cohort is just starting, so I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

If you’re a fellow student or alumni, I’d love to connect.
I’ve said before, there is a Strength in Weak Ties.