There are People Making Millions Dropshipping. Why Not Me? Watch Me Try…

Here is the formula:

  1. Find a product on AliExpress. Something under $3. Make sure that it is from a reputable supplier (lots of positive reviews). Connect with them briefly and let them know your intent. They know the game.
  2. Create a Shopify storefront ($29/mo for basic)
  3. Create a post that says something like: “FREE ________, just pay shipping”.
  4. Boost the post or run an ad campaign to a highly targeted audience that drives them to the Shopify product page.
  5. Place the order with the supplier.

Let’s say your cost is $3. You sell the shipping at $9.99. BOOM! That’s $7 profit minus the cost of your Facebook advertising costs. This can be a wild card, yes. But I’m seeing very low estimates in my research to this point.

I’m going to find a couple products and run an experiment. Feel free to follow along and see how much we can make with this system. 🙂

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