Aqua Metals (AQMS): This Stock is Going to Move…

…I just don’t know which way yet!

Travis at Stock Gumshoe wrote about a tease recommendation from Tyler Laundon’s Cabot Small Cap Confidential newsletter.

I really enjoy the way Travis writes and I appreciate the homework he puts in to dissecting these kind of stock tip teasers.

Aqua Metals (AQMS) presents a nice case, so I dug in more, only to find a really intriguing bear case against it.

The Friendly Bear presents a several strong arguments. But digging into his track record, it’s not the greatest either.

The upside presented is a double to $36. The downside case is $3.

I’m currently leaning towards the downside, but I’m not quite ready to put the bet on yet. Earnings come out May 18th, so let’s see what that brings about.

What I could be willing to do is wait until the price hits $17.50 and put on a straddle…

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