Bitcoin Vs Gold

The bottom line (at the top) is that both are bets against Fiat currency. (otherwise, you’d just keep your cash in your mattress)

The key to remember is that DEATH COMES TO ALL FIAT CURRENCY. There are no survivors. Government cannot help itself.

Bitcoin’s value eclipsed an ounce of Gold recently.

Gold has history on its side. A Loooooooonnnnnnnggggggg history. Gold is money. It’s been this way for many many thousands of years. It’s ingrained into the human DNA. That cannot easily be replaced.

I’m long term bullish on Gold because every fiat currency is on a path to zero. Again…Government Debt is the killer. Here’s my challenge with Gold. If shit hits the fan and we find ourselves in armageddon, what am I going to do with a block of gold? It has no value to anyone except being a means of exchange. Is that enough? Yes, it is divisible, but not easily.

Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies) seem to be the future. Which one(s) will win, I’m not sure. So I’m comfortable to keep a balanced portfolio. The beauty here is that it’s still super early, so a small portofolio percentage now (of Crypto Vs. Gold) will turn heavily weighted toward Crypto, in my opinion. Because we know which currencies lose (Fiat).

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