Who is Genie Energy (GNE)?

I never heard of this company until I read this post on Martin Armstrong’s blog.

Stock is currently at ~$7.50 and the market cap is ~$185M.

Interestingly enough, they just reported earnings today and posted a profit of $3.4M on $69.4M in revenues.

They’ve not posted an annual profit in last 3 years, but they were cash flow positive last year. Are we at a turning point?

The more interesting aspect of this company, though, is the Advisory board. Dick Cheney, Larry Summers, Rupert Murdoch, amongst other dignitaries. Wow, that is a politically heavy hitting roster. Wikipedia expands further on this.

Supposedly this company is sitting on a reserve bigger than Saudi Arabia! And this is the reason for the hoopla in Syria around the pipeline dispute and regime change.

This is seemingly a deep state company?

At $185M market cap, seemingly at a profitability turning point and sitting on a huge oil reserve, government ties…  Hmmm, might have to dip the toe in.

Aqua Metals (AQMS): This Stock is Going to Move…

…I just don’t know which way yet!

Travis at Stock Gumshoe wrote about a tease recommendation from Tyler Laundon’s Cabot Small Cap Confidential newsletter.

I really enjoy the way Travis writes and I appreciate the homework he puts in to dissecting these kind of stock tip teasers.

Aqua Metals (AQMS) presents a nice case, so I dug in more, only to find a really intriguing bear case against it.

The Friendly Bear presents a several strong arguments. But digging into his track record, it’s not the greatest either.

The upside presented is a double to $36. The downside case is $3.

I’m currently leaning towards the downside, but I’m not quite ready to put the bet on yet. Earnings come out May 18th, so let’s see what that brings about.

What I could be willing to do is wait until the price hits $17.50 and put on a straddle…

Bitcoin Vs Gold

The bottom line (at the top) is that both are bets against Fiat currency. (otherwise, you’d just keep your cash in your mattress)

The key to remember is that DEATH COMES TO ALL FIAT CURRENCY. There are no survivors. Government cannot help itself.

Bitcoin’s value eclipsed an ounce of Gold recently.

Gold has history on its side. A Loooooooonnnnnnnggggggg history. Gold is money. It’s been this way for many many thousands of years. It’s ingrained into the human DNA. That cannot easily be replaced.

I’m long term bullish on Gold because every fiat currency is on a path to zero. Again…Government Debt is the killer. Here’s my challenge with Gold. If shit hits the fan and we find ourselves in armageddon, what am I going to do with a block of gold? It has no value to anyone except being a means of exchange. Is that enough? Yes, it is divisible, but not easily.

Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies) seem to be the future. Which one(s) will win, I’m not sure. So I’m comfortable to keep a balanced portfolio. The beauty here is that it’s still super early, so a small portofolio percentage now (of Crypto Vs. Gold) will turn heavily weighted toward Crypto, in my opinion. Because we know which currencies lose (Fiat).

Bitcoin Hits All-Time High Today … Ethereum Ether Token Hits All-Time High Today Too

I bought my first bitcoin in November 2013, yes on that rapid ascension up. That was during the whole Cypress debacle. You can see the how bitcoin subsequently came back down to reality. Over the past 3+ years, bitcoin has formed a beautiful cup base. I believe in the long term story of bitcoin and the blockchain, so rather than trying to trade bitcoin, I just bought a set amount each month throughout most of 2015 and into 2016.

In 2016, Bitcoin was by far my best asset performer, going up over 300%. But this is a LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG term play for me.

I will write much more about bitcoin and the blockchain in the future. This is the first high in many to come, I’m certain.

Ethereum’s ether token (I think that’s what they call it). This is Bitcoin’s cousin. I took a flyer on some tokens in March, getting in around $19 after I read this article about how JPMorgan, Microsoft, Intel and 30 or so others formed and alliance to create a standard version of the Ethereum software.

I’d previously read about how early Bitcoin buyers were now millionaires. With the backing of these corporate giants, maybe something will come from Ethereum. Who knows; I’m treating it like a lottery ticket. It’s a 3-bagger already (but again, not getting overly excited because it’s a long term play).